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Up Against the Wall: A Gallery of Nature-Themed Graffiti and Street Art

Join us—be a part of this gallery. We welcome images of any graffiti or street art that includes some element of nature. What is nature-themed graffiti and street art? We are inclusive: broadly, it is anything painted on or attached to an outdoor wall, and which includes some element of nature (plants, animals, etc.) for whatever messaging purpose, from literal to abstract. You don’t have a perfect photograph? Don’t worry—we’re interested in the ideas, so as long as we can make it out the essence of your image…

What is Graffiti?
  • Any painted or stenciled image or statement, or wall-based sculpture in an outdoor space, typically on built infrastructure such as buildings or roads, but possibly on “soft” surfaces also.
  • The work is not commissioned by businesses to adorn their own property. Community-originated work, such as street art murals, is acceptable, even it has been commissioned. Don’t worry too much about this distinction.
  • It is intended by the artist to be impermanent (although it may last a long time); not part of the essential design of the space.
  • It does not have to be “pretty”. It can be a simple political or personal statement.
  • It does’t have to be legal or sanctioned by authority.
What is Nature-themed?
  • Refers to or depicts some aspect or element of nature: animals, plants, the environment or landscape, or attitudes about the same.
  • Does not have to be “real” animals or plants; i.e., they can be fanciful.
  • It doesn’t to be “about” nature; it might just use a natural element (say, an animal) to express an idea unrelated to the environment.
  • It can just be text, making some reference to the natural world.

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