Up Against the Wall: A Gallery of Nature-Themed Graffiti and Street Art

What Does Urban Nature-Related Graffiti Tell Us? A Photo Essay from the City of Cape Town

Pippin Anderson,  Cape Town

Graffiti, revered and loathed by turn, provides insights into societal attitudes and perceptions. In this short photo essay I present nature-related graffiti from the City of Cape Town. Cape Town still bares the hallmarks of apartheid with significant race-based development and wealth discrepancies. It is situated in the middle of a global biodiversity hotspot. And, it will be the world...

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Creative Place-Making—This is The Nature of Graffiti

David Maddox,  New York City
Pippin Anderson,  Cape Town
PaulD,  Adelaide
Emilio Fantin,  Bologna
German Gomez,  Bogotá
Julie Goodness,  Stockholm
Mike Houck,  Portland
Todd Lester,  Sao Paulo
Patrick Lydon,  Seoul & San Jose
Patrice Milillo,  Los Angeles
Laura Shillington,  Managua & Montreal

Nature is all around us. Plants, animals, soil, air and water inhabit and animate our daily lives, whether you live in the country or in the city. We are invigorated by nature. We are inspired by its creatures, their beauty, and their existential meaning. We depend on nature’s services and what they provide. We long for connection to nature, whether...

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